Helping Bluescape Gain Customers via YouTube, and more...


Bluescape needed digital content across multiple channels... 

...and Ivory Sky was there to help them create and deliver that content. Initially Ivory Sky was called upon to record customer testimonials and case studies intended for YouTube and Bluescape's newly launched website. Over time, Bluescape discovered that Ivory Sky's team could help with more than interviews and hired us to create instructional videos, training videos and internal human resources videos. Bluescape's CEO also took advantage of a few headshots for his social profiles from our behind-the-scenes photographer!

Links to finished products:

Bluescape for Adobe Creative Cloud Landing Page

Bluescape Press Release

Bluescape User Guide

Innovate the UX/UI Design Cycle with Speed & Inspiration video

Bluescape Plugin for Adobe XD: Design Workflow Demo video

All videos and photos displayed in above links were recorded, edited, and delivered by Ivory Sky Media Company.


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Perfect for LinkedIn!

Perfect for LinkedIn!

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George Lucas Pfeiffer, Executive VP of BOS (Business Office Systems) and Workspace Digital, shares how Bluescape digital workspaces changed the way their teams present to clients and manage projects, saving time and increasing efficiency.

The Job

Ivory Sky provided Bluescape with a team for each customer case study and location. Locations included a furniture company in North Carolina, a university in Michigan, a furniture/digital provider in Chicago area, Bluescape's parent company in Los Angeles, and even a trip to Bluescape's headquarters in San Mateo. 

Allen selected team members to travel with him to each location, bringing cameras, tripods, gimbals, drones, and accessories with them, while renting lights, large stands, and tripods locally. In Chicago Allen hired a local crew to help capture additional camera angles. 

Filming consisted of capturing interviews, which meant setting up lights, camera angles, and audio equipment for typically a two person interview. After multiple interviews, Ivory Sky films B-roll which includes people working on Bluescape, signage, and interesting content to enhance the story behind the interviews.

The Crew

Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots of the crews from each location in action!


From the Marketing Director

Ivory Sky really helped us you know increase the visibility around our company and our brand. You know coming to Bluescape there was no real visibility, no identity, no brand. It's really elevated us. And the thing that's really cool about that is that we are able to keep the consistency of the brand, the style, the main messaging.

My background has basically been in marketing and video. Having worked in TV and radio for myself personally I've had a lot of production background. And so, in using Ivory Sky and team basically really lived up to my standards because I do have the video production background.

They really work closely with you as a partner. as an extension of your own team. They really understand the goals and objectives we're trying to do with our videos both from a sales and from a demand perspective. So whenever the crew came in we talked a bit about what our goal was for the project. And basically they helped us deliver whatever we were thinking about and it actually came to fruition in terms of a finished video project. Now what I really like about the crew is that, theyʼre real agile. They're really flexible. They take direction well. They get it. You know they get, what today's business leaders, business buyers, what they're looking for.

What I also like about the crew is the fact that we could produce a video once but we can re — cut it. We can shape it. We can turn it into an audio podcast. I could turn into other types of materials and sales materials that... it's great because you build the content once, you film the content once and we're able to use it all. And I think one of the other last really big pluses is not only do they work well with the corporate teams and our executives right in filming or interviewing the executives, but they really understand the importance of how we go to do our customer videos with our customer case studies. They're very respectful. They understand the business. So whenever we go into a shoot with a customer they respect the space. They respect you know a lot of the work that we're doing.

This is my second company in working with them. First for a cyber security company that had a lot of demanding, you know, standards expectations, to now for a small startup that is a very visual software company. And the fact that they were able to capture a lot of the richness and visuals... because the visual is what sells our product. It really worked well. So again, Ivory Sky is the team to work with.

Allen Ross